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Stone lamp in the form of a tower

Title lamp «Tuil» tune with the French word tuile – «shingles.” Indeed, lampshades made of paper hundreds of identical parts, wonderfully reminiscent of the popular roofing material. «Tuil» invented and created by French designer Jean Sebastien Lagrange, co-founder of the studio John Doe. The facility is fully consistent with the current vogue for paper lanterns and lamps. But it is an intriguing shape and subtle performance luminaire make it especially memorable.


You Might Be Ready for Summer, but is Your Home?

Summer is here! The weather is stunning and our homes should match that, right? Well, it’s not always easy to find a style that fits for a very long time; most of us just make do with what we’ve got until we have the time and money to change it. That being said, our homes should be warm and inviting all the time so what can we do to make it easier? Where to begin? Often a daunting question, but let’s think logically. I’d start with colours, as these will provide a base for everything that comes after. A warm…


Apartments in Marseille

Maurice Padovani (Maurice Padovani) designed apartments “La Madrague de Montredon” in the house of the early 20th century. The house is located in the French city of Marseille.


Apartment of Ekaterina Blokhina and Anton Korneev

The owners bring new elements of decor from numerous trips. The picture in the entrance hall was brought from Bali. While working at the interior of a small two-room apartment Ekaterina and Anton wished to make qualitative but low-budget finishing to the utmost. Part of furniture was own-produced, part of it was bought in ordinary shops. The main emphasis was laid on right geometry, harmony, and details. OWNERS Anton – a designer Katya – a decorator METRIC AREA 55 sq. m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 2 CEILING HEIGHT 2.7 m The designer Anton and the decorator Katya lived outside the Moscow Ring…


Stackable chair by Patrick Norguet

French designer Patrick Norguet has recently introduced another interesting design project in collaboration with the Italian company Kristalia furniture. Compas is unusual and beautiful stackable chair, the chair can be used such as indoors. Seat and back in polypropylene and legs showing upside down form V, made of pressure die-cast aluminum with a weather resistant finish. Find a chair, because it will be convenient to take with you on the nature.

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