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Leather sofas and chairs from designer Alex Hull

This beautiful and leather sofa and chairs created by designer Alex Hall. This complex consists of a leather furniture accessory, consists of a pair of chairs and a leather couch, he created them for the show, which was held in March 2013 in France. The architect was inspired by the ideas of the waves and the ocean.


Bright two bedroom apartment in the residential complex “Residence on Suvorov”

OWNERS Sasha and Danya – students METRIC AREA 114 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 6 CEILING HEIGHT 2.4 m Sasha and Danya moved to the center of the city a year ago. They moved into their own apartment in Residential Complex “Residence on Suvorovsky”. They invited the designer Andrey Yudin at once to work at the interior. The owners wanted to save spaciousness in the apartment and not to clutter it up with unnecessary details. Andrey suggested them a simple project with unobtrusive and minimalistic furniture not based on one colour. The repair lasted for about a year. It…


Apartment on Vasilievsky Island

An apartment on Vasilyevsky Island with a wooden ceiling and chairs Philippe Starck. OWNERS Evgeniya Chapaeva – a designer Sergey Naidenov – an entrepreneur METRIC AREA 54 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 7 CEILING HEIGHT 2.5 m Zhenya and Serezha got a two-room apartment on Vasilyevsky Island from their parents on their wedding as a present. They moved into their first common dwelling just a little more than a year ago and they made the repair for almost all this time. Zhenya is a designer by occupation, that’s why she thought up the interior by herself conferring with her…


Old French table

Art beautiful table setting, as it is known, was born in France. But all that we now so admire, would be impossible without culture, dining, refined during the heyday of the French aristocracy. Table decor, furnishings, accessories and decor make the impression of the interior as a whole, all of this together was a fertile ground for the development of “art de la table”. French restaurants reputation as the finest in the world and a role model is strongly associated with the interior of the classic French dining room, which is devoted to our new gallery of style. Like the…


Christian Haas ROPES

Ropes Lamps created by German designer Christian Haas, looks great! Recently in Paris was zapuzhena new collection of lamps Colette. The idea was to combine the lamps LED-technology with a innovative soft look and textile appeal. Is not lit, the lamps provide a graphic statement to their environment. Lit, they apply a gentle ambient light. Each lamp is as unique, numbered and varies in size and technology. Ropes can buy handmade in France and Germany.

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