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Potted plants in the interior

Indoor plants add freshness and comfort in any room at home or apartment. These fans are going to amazing collections of household plants and flowers, and no matter how many of them rare, sometimes even two or three instances can add charm to the interior, as well as maintain a good mood in the house owners. Where there is only your imagination and desire, you can build an amazing decoration for your interior. Plants and flowers can be combined with each other and with fresh-cut flowers, combine with natural décor and fun items that fit every time to pick the…


Jason Statham home

Jason Statham set to sell this house in the Hollywood Hills for 2.74 million dollars. The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Its total area of ​​2.280 square meters. meters. Planted around the house a lot of unusual plants, flowers, shrubs, and the yard has a large swimming pool. Designers have chosen for home decor in a minimalist style.


Vintage style

Vintage interiors are loved for the abundance of decorative details that can apply a designer or decorator. It is often found in vintage interiors: mirrors – always in shabby frames, textiles – curtains, pillows, blankets and bedspreads, antique dishes, decorated with old or antique clocks, vases and figurines, live and dried flowers, ornaments, beads and enamel. Often found in the decoration item – floral pattern, vintage fabrics like floral patterns, paintings of flowers and plants. The colors that dominate the decor vintage interior – deaf and dull, often colors based on the nuances of the same color or a few…


Summer Home

We are tired of winter, like heat and bright colors? This post is for those who are so ready soltse, summer, and flowers. Flowers, perhaps, will be the primary source for inspiration and maintain the necessary air as long as possible.


Wall decor wallpaper

In the West, rarely use wallpaper on the entire surface of the walls. Therefore, their ideas can be used as follows: for large planes to choose monochrome (or grayscale) wallpaper with fine texture, and on the most important areas to make insertion of contrast or bright pattern (flowers, ornament, stripes). This move once you are striving for 2 purposes: First, beautiful aktsentiruete of the wall – the background for a beautiful object (fireplace, paintings, mirrors, chest of drawers) and, second, do not go over budget (because you can use a single roll of wallpaper or floor-roll). Also, in this way…


Rejuvenate by bringing a touch of botany indoors

This rug was created by Nguyen La Chanh, a carpet of moss life are well suited for humid bathroom. Your own secluded natural green paradise of collapse without foam (PLASTAZOTE) with three different types of moss in: ball, island and forest, you can choose what you are most suitable for the mood.


White Compact Desk Displaying Its “Hocus Pocus”

With bold concept in mind, the designers wanted to overcome the limits of normality and develop projects on sensitive individuals. You do your job and as the name of the SAI, you … hide their work. It slides on a laptop, providing a clean, neat surface for any small items you usually keep on your desktop. No matter how small your office, you can easily get hidden inside. To better understand the concept here is that the designers have to say: “Depending on the position of the moving parts of the computer, or to hide or readily available. Hidden suits…

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