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A cozy fireplace table in your home

A young but promising designer from Luxembourg Michaël Harboun created this unique table with a fireplace, he used artificial stone Corian for a combination of a table with an open fireplace. This table will be a wonderful object that will decorate a home or apartment especially in the cold season, which is already approaching.


Artificial fireplace

In your home has a fireplace, but for some reason you do not use it for its intended purpose? Or summer comes and you wrestle with how to write a cozy fireplace warms the fresh interior? Idle fireplace can be used as a bookshelf to store favorite novels and a collection of glossy magazines as a stylish wine rack or as a place for a personal art gallery. You can replace a chimney fire a large collection of scented candles in the fireplace or put his collection of designer shoes.


Apartment in Paris

The Village tells about unusual houses and their owners all over the world in the column “Apartments of the World”. Paris studio with candles instead of wiring and antique furniture is presented in this issue. OWNERS Gabriel – a landscape designer and a teacher of the history of architecture Oliver – a specialist in Yves Saint Laurent cultural fund communication Gabriel and Oliver have rented the apartment in Marais district on the right bank of the Seine between the Place de la Bastille in the south and the Place de la République in the north for six years already. Open…


Bathroom Fireplaces

Bathroom fireplaces – probably not all available, but great! We all know that a warm bath is a good way to forget about the problems after work. How can you make your bathroom even better for this task? To the fireplace there. A warm fire crackling of burning wood, and soft light is perfect for creating a relaxing mood. Now install the fireplace in the bathroom is not too difficult. There are many semi-portable electrical solutions and they are almost as good as the built-in fireplaces. Beautiful, unusual, and cozy.


Decorating the fireplace for Christmas

When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is family. And if you have a fireplace, then you’re probably waiting for Christmas especially to quickly decorate your favorite mantel. Usually fireplace is the star, the center of the living room decor, just like a Christmas tree. Many family photos are usually placed near the fireplace, that everyone wants to decorate the place the most colorful and original. We present you some interesting examples of Christmas decorations for the fireplace, which will be remembered forever.

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