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The most unusual vase shell pistachios

You will need: – pistachios – a non-toxic glue – a deep plate or bowl as a mold. 1. The first thing you need to do – is to eat some pistachios and keep the shell from them. You will need around 100 shells to make a small vase, and 250 pieces for more vases. 2. It will not hurt to wash the shells, especially if they are covered with salt. 3. Mix the shells of pistachios with one or two tablespoons of glue, and when the whole mass begins to stick together, put it in a form in which…


Tabletop lamp orig

Hamburg design studio named Mirko Kirsch (“Mirco Kirsch”) has created a table lamp compliance in Japanese origami. Customer project was the company «Belt + Sund». The lamp is made from a single sheet of metal that formed into the desired shape by hand – as befits an ancient skill of origami. Lamp holder is also included in the kit, the finished product should only add up. Origami Table Lamp is available in various colors.

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