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Amazing marble linens

Drawing on the bed linen is created by modern printing on fabric, this bed linen are no flowers, birds and other favors, it is well suited for men. Linen is made under the black and white marble, which looks like a natural.


Bright room for children

Stickers for walls – this is the easiest and fastest way to change the interior design. And if other designs require significant time and cost, this method updates available to almost everyone. Typically, the wall stickers are made of vinyl. They are easy to put on the wall and taking care of them is easy. But for the decoration of children’s rooms, for safety reasons, it is better to use fabric labels. They can also be glued to the wall, remove and re-stick. The advantage of stickers on the wall of the fabric before vinyl in their environmental friendliness. They…


Beautiful curtains for windows

Making window curtains, pictures of which we offer are the kitchen curtains. Kitchen – generally considered to face the hostess. So try to decorate “our face” with his hands. There is a very simple ideas for decorating your windows curtains, picture it shows. And if you have the slightest sewing skills, you can easily handle it. Buy fabric in accordance with the overall interior design of our kitchen, or just the one that will like it. The main thing – to like! Then the kitchen will be nice to spend time preparing a delicious meal. So it’s time to get…


Retire to a fancy chair

In small apartments placing a large amount of furniture and creation of personal space is often a problem. However, there are some mandatory pieces of furniture that simply needs no matter how small the room was. And then for us to have the support of multifunctional furniture. Milanese designer Emanuele Magini (Emanuele Magini) has created a bed, sofa and armchairs in a bottle and called his creation Sosia.


Furniture from British designers

Designers from the company Cate & Nelson made ​​a collection Netframe, consisting of a chair and sofy. The main function of designers – to consume a small amount of material, but maintaining a good level of comfort. In the end, we got a metal frame covered with durable fabric, and on which lay a soft pillow. The design is simple but excellent, durable and will fit well in any home or office interior.

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