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Everyone knows that Japan is one of the most charming places in which there are many parks and beautiful places with large stones. Most often, gardens, flat and smooth sand filled up special or small pebbles. Typically in the garden for meditation stones arranged in a chaotic manner. It is worth noting that in many of the gardens and European style. Browse a selection of gardens, and you may want to put one of them.


A three-room apartment in a reserved European style with BoConcept furniture

Galina and Sergey have lived in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for eleven years already. The apartment appearance was changed many times. First a cosmetic repair was carried out here, then the relayout was made in 2005. All rooms were isolated at that time, the bathroom and the toilet were not combined and corridors took up part of the space. In smoky summer in 2010 the owners transferred the air conditioner from one room to another as many other people did, they even slept in the living-room once and arrived at the conclusion that it was time…

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