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Napkin from scrap environmental materials with his own hands

Eco-furniture, yarn made of plant fibers, in a fashion, a trend that is purely ecological materials. And if the prefix bio and eco is only a prefix to the name of the product and it does not guarantee the quality of your chosen product purchased in a store, things you have just created a 100% guarantee quality and environmental friendliness. And it’s not only cooked his own meals, conservation, as well as furniture and household items.


Coffee table by Gonzalo Campos

Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos has created a unique coffee table entitled «Rolha». Description from the designer: “Cork – it is a very special material with properties that make it ideal for a wide range of technical devices, and at the same time have the ability to not harm the ecological environment. That is why the use of the material I recently received a large scale. Most of the harvest and production of this kind of wood is in Portugal due to particularly favorable climate for growth, as well as the existence of deep traditions in the use of cork in…

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