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Dressing table in dark colors

Sample traditionalism – dressing table «Domino», created by Devon & Devon. A console sink cabinet with a shiny gloss finish and top in black or white natural marble will help recreate the classic style, even in a small room. However, the finish does not have to be black, it is sufficient if it is made in the noble dark colors. Incoming search terms: bedroom dressing table


Women’s corner in the the bedroom

Every girl has a their own area in which she directs and creates its beauty. In this corner of girl keeps her cosmetics, various bottles of toilet water and jars of creams, as well as possibly jewelry and accessories.


Design toilet tables

Dressing table – the most convenient and popular type of furniture to create a personal area women. As a piece of furniture dressing table appeared in the early 18th century. His birth coincided in time with the birth of the boudoir, as a purely female territory in secular homes. Today, a dressing table, in most cases, placed in the bedroom, which is logical, but it can also be found in other areas of the apartment. The design of this table is perfect for the bedroom interior and creates a spot where she can keep her secret weapon and become a…

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