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Spring Bath Decor

Designers from the studio offered Sanindusa spring minimalist design modern bathroom called Spring Bath Decor.


Table «Supernova»

Bano designers Manuel Galvan and David have created a collection of tables «Supernova» commissioned by Spanish design studio «LaSelva». Table «Supernova» is made so that under the sink is attached a piece of elastic material, which performs the function of a hammock. Elastic hammock is a place where you can store newspapers and magazines, which will be put through a hole in the surface of the countertop. Collection «Supernova» consists of a table and an auxiliary table, both of these items are made of wood, varnished, and have steel legs.


Tootsie Family by zpstudio

Tutsi family is minimal design created by Italian company designers zpstudio for slow Design. Tutsi family is a small family of objects for tables, born from the meeting of beech wood and hand turned aluminum. Bowl Tootsie, banks Gil and cutting board Otto identified several opportunities to use every day. Tootsie is a bowl of processed aluminum and wood buka.Kryshka has a dual function of container board and grinding: the other plate can sit lower bowl to collect pischi.Dizayn can come in any color you like.


Cool and Unconventional Shelving Ideas

Shelves and cabinets are interesting, for example, look at the vertical wooden panels that are particularly unusual. Vertical or horizontal, it’s really amazing how the designers managed to make these pieces of furniture so comfortable. Shelves and cabinets are constructed from simple materials, which makes them fit well in a variety of interiors. Incoming search terms: shabby chic living room ideas


White Compact Desk Displaying Its “Hocus Pocus”

With bold concept in mind, the designers wanted to overcome the limits of normality and develop projects on sensitive individuals. You do your job and as the name of the SAI, you … hide their work. It slides on a laptop, providing a clean, neat surface for any small items you usually keep on your desktop. No matter how small your office, you can easily get hidden inside. To better understand the concept here is that the designers have to say: “Depending on the position of the moving parts of the computer, or to hide or readily available. Hidden suits…


Baroque in the residential project’s Greg Natale

Greg Natale is one of the leading designers of Australia and explore the universe, he represented to the project Clark Payne. Designer achieved remarkable effect by mixing parts of different models with the artistic style of the 17th century. Dark images filled with rich velvet flowers and fills the space, creating a beautiful environment. The interior is dominated by shades of light gray color mixed with white details, some cool atmosphere remains. Baroque things, high ceilings with white detailing on the walls of the expansion, simple colors, expressive chandeliers and cold beauty gives us the feeling that it is the…


Mirrors collection

This eriya mirrors designed to lean against the wall, leaning on a long tubular steel legs with a cork leg. They are available in black, and three different forms. On the back there is a hole for hanging wall. The frame is made of steel pipe cap over your legs for a soft stand on the floor. All mirrors handmade and they are made in Spain. Mirrors collection was designed for the new Spanish home accessories design and manufacturer omelette’s. Omelet was established in 2010 by three young designers who decided to bet on yourself in order to predict the…

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