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Black Tea House by architectural studio «A1 Architects»

Employees of the Czech design studio «A1 Architects» developed the “Black Tea House” in Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic. Located on the grassy banks of the lake, the tea house is designed to be part of the natural environment and landscape. The whole house is covered with a coating of charred larch, which is why it is called the “Black Tea House.” This is how the architects describe his creation: “In the Garden near the southern edge of the” Black tea houses “are seen small dark lake with an average level of water. Large landscaped garden as a natural part of…


Project executive chair of the Polish studio Melounge

Polish design studio Melounge created a project executive chair. The authors have spoken about his creation: “This product is: stylish chair, perfectly decorated with mild and unique patterned upholstered” chair designed as a cube. It is ideal for smaller rooms. Chair is available in different colors.


Quirky Lord of The Rings Inspired Hobbit

Coop that if it is not designed with a theme in mind? Chicken houses in the six figure range for small and innovative part “Hobbit Hole” chicken coop is a great piece of inspiration that will live chickens living in a stylish home. Inspired by Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies, Maine-based family who handcrafts these cooperatives also install them in three different sizes. Built from simple pine wood product width accommodates 5 to 15 chickens. Each hole Hobbit set of paint colors, the colors of pebbles and even has an optional internal abnormalities, as well!


Hauntingly Dark Interiors Inspired By Halloween

Dark interiors inspired HALLOWEENPosted. These rooms are designed to display inapplicable scary movie to watch in the comfort of your own home. What better way to hole inside, than dark and warm retreat? This season, all dark colors to use it in a new way. Beautiful dark walls, silhouette  and accessories and outdoor inspired patterns of a growing trend in the interior, and they can make a huge statement with not a lot of money.


Rock House

Despite the windy climate of Rocas Santo Domingo, Chile, the Rock House was designed by UN Arquitectura as a safe place, perfect for summer family getaways. The appearance of the residence showcases an intriguing junction of shapes and volumes, inspiring soberness due to the color choice and functionality, as the result of the materials used. Concrete and wood were employed to divide the levels of the house visually, this design approach also providing the project with a strong personality.

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