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Sideboards – 10 of the best

Malthouse sideboard from The Kitchen Dresser Company Pull-out baskets are ideal for storing table linens if you do too much. Incoming search terms: liatorp sideboard



Beautiful wallpaper design locker Wardrobe one room where you can have a little fun design-wise – and it’s amazing wallpapers certainly makes impact. Western-style clothes This remarkable folding chest is unmatched skill, but equally at home on the ranch with his subtle stirrup motif beautiful pen. Women design idea wardrobe One for the girls – it’s tongue-in-cheek blind, of course, makes the smallest room in the house. Compact design ideas closet If your wardrobe is tiny, save the beautiful colors of light and easy to use fittings – such as this pool, which doubles as a towel rail – to…


Eco-friendly kitchens

These dishes are a comfortable, interesting, and clean. All furniture and materials made from recycled materials. Many of the dishes are, so that the window across basins. Paul on many cuisines made from natural materials. Many dishes use a technique, which itself is turned off and saves energy. Create a selection disposal in your kitchen or with fitted bins or stand alone design is a great idea for busy, family kitchen.


The Striking Bath Boat

The famous designer watched the fishermen who sailed in boats one morning, this unique Bathboat captures the essence of relaxation and functionality. Providing “a new experience with a simple intervention,” this wonderful project from Dutch designer Wieki Somers provides alternative sculptural bathroom design, integration, the need to find solitude in a boat floating in a strikingly modern design bathroom. Adding water inspired theme swimming bath, designer to recreate the way we look at swimming.


Musical Influences In Your Kitchen: The Guitar Sink

The sink in the form of a guitar – as unique as it may be, can not change this situation, it can definitely bring positive touch to the process. Made to the creative mind Pearidge concrete and crafts, is a kind of design that leaves a lot of room for further improvisation, imagine how many shapes you can create a nice looking against the upper thread and some skills!


Harmony of colors in your bedroom

Most of us love flowers, but not everyone knows how to combine them so as not to make them tedious or depressing. Color is life, energy and vitality. You can think of an eccentric, but the choice for your bedroom design of a bright color palette, it loads in the morning with energy and jauntiness. You need to choose colors that will soothe you in the evening, and a cheery morning in daylight.

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