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Fashion for bonsai

Bonsai in the open field has recently become a promising trend in landscape design around the world. Initially, this trend originated in Japan, is the Japanese art of bonsai is a whole science to various schools and techniques of molding. Bonsai garden does not differ from traditional Japanese, the main difference is that the size of the garden bonsai can be arbitrary. Basically, to create a tree in the garden are used are familiar to all pruning, pinching and vaccinated. As a material for the future of bonsai suitable young plant a fruit tree, unusual specimens. Even the most unattractive…


Suitcases in the interior

Comfort and convenience “provincial style,” who gives the old days, now extremely popular. And if a little effort, from the old, it would seem, is absolutely useless things, it is easy to make great items for home decor. These things include the suitcases.


Retro style bathroom

To make the vintage style bathroom is enough to place it in some decorative elements with a touch of antiquity. For this ideal older vessels, copper soap dish and other boxes and chests. If space allows you can set with elements of retro furniture (chair, chair, dresser) or decorate the wall antique mirror. Even not the usual thing for the bathroom, suitable to create entourage. In the design of the bathroom is important to consider the combination of light, color match and materials from the interior and temperament owners.


Creative Light My Treem, project studio Fajno

Check out flat so that even decorative elements to be useful, and not “just for the species” were present in the interior – a long-standing dream of all rational people of serious, rigorous, efficient and thrifty. And they are all arranged in apartments so. Is that the flowers do not fit into this slim, well thought out concept. In order not to deprive these people pleasure to contemplate elements of nature in a single apartment, but to make these elements as useful and practical, in the design studio Fajno drafted creative lamp My Treem. So, hello, a tree! Not only…



Among avid gardeners will have plenty of those who equate the autumn and winter of the ordeal, because cold weather does not allow fully devote himself to his favorite hobby. However, in the home garden can be divided into real and despite the vagaries of nature, enjoy the delicious fruits of their labor.


Japanese Garden Design

Japanese Garden is one of the most beautiful and open, which often served as designers to make a beautiful garden. This design is usually practiced in broad areas. As in the garden in the Empire of Japan, with a Japanese-style garden no more than green, which is composed of the most beautiful trees. You can even make decorative waterfall and a variety of sculptures tweak garden design. Incoming search terms: garden design , japanese garden design , japan garden , japanese garden design ideas

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