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Christmas Decorations mandarin

New Year is near, mandarin scent throughout the house, and what can be done with the waste? They can be successfully applied in the decoration.


Exotic furniture from Sicis Next Art

This unusual furniture perfectly good substitute for contemporary art. Who in the interior with furniture from Sicis Next Art, he does not need additional interior decoration. Collection of exotic furniture from Sicis Next Art breaks the boundaries between art and functionality. Designer Carla Tolomeo created this exotic furniture: chairs, armchairs, sofas inlaid mosaics.


Textiles IKEA. Path 2013

As is known, in 2013, IKEA (IKEA), decided to focus not on the furniture, and in textiles. That is why in the new catalog so much attention paid to the various tissues and design furniture. In order to understand whether you need to buy this or that textiles easier once to see how it will look in a room or applicable to any interior. We suggest that you look at the different options of interior decoration from IKEA, before you go to the store.


Halloween Decorations 2

Another type of Halloween design; a central decoration for a wood table. The colors and the candles are nice, warm and remind of the winter season.


Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

This is unusual, you are looking at a bear shape big bean bag. It is a imitation of a lively hibernating Grizzly bear. The graphics on the bean bag is knitted, instead of printed. It can be use as a chair, a sofa, or it can be a interesting decoration for you home.  The bean bag cover can be taken off for washing.

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