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Bubble Chandelier Design

Made of post-consumer soda bottles, Bubble chandelier was inspired by the cell-shaped bubbles. Elle Decor India is Bubble Chandelier “… upcycled surprisingly, turning used, old and new, and easy-to high demand». Bubble Chandelier made ​​from 60-liter soda bottles, and each piece of cut and connected with aluminum rivets. ”


Wall decor wallpaper

In the West, rarely use wallpaper on the entire surface of the walls. Therefore, their ideas can be used as follows: for large planes to choose monochrome (or grayscale) wallpaper with fine texture, and on the most important areas to make insertion of contrast or bright pattern (flowers, ornament, stripes). This move once you are striving for 2 purposes: First, beautiful aktsentiruete of the wall – the background for a beautiful object (fireplace, paintings, mirrors, chest of drawers) and, second, do not go over budget (because you can use a single roll of wallpaper or floor-roll). Also, in this way…


Cushions Showing Christmas Motifs

Make your Christmas in style with this cute home accessories. Great if you want to add a festive flair to your home decor for the holidays, these unique pillows with inspirational Christmas motifs are ideal vyborom.Podushki Lodge Scatter shyutsya in the UK with the filling fibers and fabrics of high quality. These beautiful hand-finished cushions are made with woven motif deer head in a slightly shimmering, silver-gray thread, with a pattern on both sides. Besides filling fiber, they have a zip front for professional care. They are not made for display only during the holidays, so you can mix and…


Jackie lamps by Joseph Novell and Josep Puig

The collection includes a table lamp, floor lamp, suspended lamps and sconces wall. Two concentric cylindrical elements made of methacrylate have come together to form a shadow of each lamp. As you can see in the photo below features, different materials can be inserted between the two transparent elements personalize each lamp and receive different types of lamps and chromatic effects. You can adjust the lamp Jackie so it will fit your decor, but one must be very careful not to burn the tissue.

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