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Table-tire from Tavomatico studio

Tavomatico studio of designers have created a coffee table out of the ordinary tire. This material is used to paint in different colors, they got here is such a fun piece of furniture.


How beautiful to decorate the garden stones

You can decorate the garden beautiful stones. For example put much value, and color stones in different colors. Allocate separate zones. Of the stones can be laid out different patterns to create a picture in your garden.


Ease in the interior design of Laura Ashley

Probably, each person will find the road thing as memory, remained from the grandmother or mother. And most of the subject is in a closet or collecting dust in a closet. And after all of these things, you can create a beautiful interior in a vintage style. If you do not want to change the interior, a few vintage items will create the right atmosphere in the house, reminiscent of the romantic past. To include vintage items, which more than 20 and less than 50 years and which restored in the style of the time. Many things you can do…


A piece of tradition in the system of shelves KiBiSi

Danish design studio created KiBiSi Slice – shelves of old traditions. This furniture is made of birch plywood. The designer says, “The main feature of these stands is to use a piece of plywood. In the assembly, sliced ​​veneers are combined to create individual cells, which provide optimum flexibility in the system rack and, more importantly, they can be adapted for children and adults. SLICE – is a new design made ​​for everyday use, a clear result of crossing the elements and attributes of the various models. This shelf is very simple, it is not an expensive design, it is…


Kitchen design for everyone!

Bright pillows on the sofa are able to create a calm and sunny mood for those who choose this option yourself kitchen. Incoming search terms: kitchen design

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