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Sofa by Marianne Jensen

Designer Marianne Jensen Kleys created “Frigga” – sofa for one or two people. Project description from the designer: “Frigga” – this is furniture designed exclusively for one or two people. Here you can move away from the frailty and vanity of the world, to be yourself, to feel safe, relax and replenish energy. The form, which, as it hugs the sitting / lying creates a kind of a small cave, where you can climb to his feet and conveniently sit comfortably.


Coffee chair \ table Changeling

The collection of multifunctional furniture Flip furniture, which are created in the studio Daisuke Motogi, a nice addition. To the existing shifter, chairs that turn into other tables and chairs, stools joined \ table called Flip Coffeecup. Pleasant event for aesthetes coffee lover! Nice compact table as a coffee cup is a good idea to harmonize with modern office furniture, as well as find its place in the interior of the apartment, given the neutral black color and slim design. Made of lightweight polyurethane, table-shifter does not look bulky and heavy, and will not cause discomfort to the person who…

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