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Wooden shelf hand-made

This shelf is a part of modern art, which you can repeat. This combination of seasoned wood and white boards as shelves. Please note that the shelf is hanging above the floor. This shelf is a minimalist, modern house, built by architect Rick Sheen. Photo – Peter Fritz


Choose the color bedroom

Selection of colors for the bedroom – a responsible job. The combination of colors in the design of a room – one of the main objectives in the design of the apartment. On What color you make your bedroom depends on your mood, the inner peace and harmony. Think carefully about what you want to get? What you need – peace and harmony, or speakers. From this, and will depend on the color you choose for your bedroom. If in your bedroom you want to cheer up after a heavy routine, use the colors in the design of cold tones….


Vintage decor

A little inspiration as soon we spring-summer beautiful table decoration. Very nice combination of colors and feathers, it’s really nice, you can decorate chandelier over the table.


Retro style bathroom

To make the vintage style bathroom is enough to place it in some decorative elements with a touch of antiquity. For this ideal older vessels, copper soap dish and other boxes and chests. If space allows you can set with elements of retro furniture (chair, chair, dresser) or decorate the wall antique mirror. Even not the usual thing for the bathroom, suitable to create entourage. In the design of the bathroom is important to consider the combination of light, color match and materials from the interior and temperament owners.


Safe collection of children’s furniture

French company Castor & Chouca produces high quality children’s furniture. Each item collection – a collaborative work, pediatricians, experts, children’s nurses and hundreds just mothers who were interviewed in order to achieve the perfect combination of comfort, safety and functionality. Two main materials of construction for the cots, lockers, desks and other furniture: wood, which almost does not suffer any chemical treatment, even color, and acrylic – also neutral safe material. It is the combination of these two materials, among other things, makes beautiful furniture and original. It is best to work out the French cots, from very small up…


Hey – is the name of hay mattresses

Furniture by designer Fabio del Percio of transparent PVC and packed 100% clean hay from Iceland. The main highlight of the series Hey * According to the author, is a combination of traditional and unjustly forgotten material and modern transparent shell. Each of the buyers will be able to see their hay – promises designer.

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