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Apartment in Florence

This beautiful apartment with Florence, Italy, plays all the bright colors of the rainbow! Red, yellow, blue, green and other cheerful and bright colors give this unusual interior charm. It is obvious that in these apartments live bright and creative people: built with such irony interior design can not belong to the skeptics and nerds. Every detail is wanting to peer review and without taking his eyes, each color instantly becomes the favorite because bright and beautiful and eye-catching.


Choose the color bedroom

Selection of colors for the bedroom – a responsible job. The combination of colors in the design of a room – one of the main objectives in the design of the apartment. On What color you make your bedroom depends on your mood, the inner peace and harmony. Think carefully about what you want to get? What you need – peace and harmony, or speakers. From this, and will depend on the color you choose for your bedroom. If in your bedroom you want to cheer up after a heavy routine, use the colors in the design of cold tones….


Stylish Home in Stockholm

Add a touch of stylish and good designers such as Jimmy Schonning and that you have a great recipe. Nothing works better for the children than the super sophisticated loft with creative solutions for storage, sober colors and concrete, which gives you a great sense of industry and functional approach to men’s lifestyle. This 495 square meter loft attic is more than just a residential project for a client. This is a private house Jimmy Schonning, where ideas are stored or, as others, the place where the magic happens! We’re talking about the creative process, of course!



Beautiful wallpaper design locker Wardrobe one room where you can have a little fun design-wise – and it’s amazing wallpapers certainly makes impact. Western-style clothes This remarkable folding chest is unmatched skill, but equally at home on the ranch with his subtle stirrup motif beautiful pen. Women design idea wardrobe One for the girls – it’s tongue-in-cheek blind, of course, makes the smallest room in the house. Compact design ideas closet If your wardrobe is tiny, save the beautiful colors of light and easy to use fittings – such as this pool, which doubles as a towel rail – to…


Baroque in the residential project’s Greg Natale

Greg Natale is one of the leading designers of Australia and explore the universe, he represented to the project Clark Payne. Designer achieved remarkable effect by mixing parts of different models with the artistic style of the 17th century. Dark images filled with rich velvet flowers and fills the space, creating a beautiful environment. The interior is dominated by shades of light gray color mixed with white details, some cool atmosphere remains. Baroque things, high ceilings with white detailing on the walls of the expansion, simple colors, expressive chandeliers and cold beauty gives us the feeling that it is the…

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