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White bathroom

Design white bathroom will never get bored! Clean, quiet, simple but stylish white bathroom each time will surprise you with a variety of options for decorating. To make the design white bathroom dynamics, use the game with textures, let part of the floor will be filled with concrete, the other part is lined with snow-white ceramic tiles. Walls can sheathe the wood paneling or just paint waterproof paint.


Interesting apartment: Leningradskoe Highway

A two-room apartment overlooking the Khimki Lake The Host, Kseniya — Anton Sevidov’s niece, a student, studies Greek & pole fitness Number of rooms: 2 Ceiling height: 2.7 m Metric area: 54 m² A tight two-room apartment on Leningradskoe Highway came to Kseniya Sevidova, a niece of Tesla Boy soloist, from the proud purse of her great grandfather Alexander Sevidov, a famous Soviet football player and coach. That’s where she lives with her parents, who spend most of the time abroad. Three years ago the family moved in a flat equipped with old sanitary ware and furniture of the Soviet…

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