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Toroid Table by OL

Toroid table plays with the notion of symmetry and asymmetry, its shape creates an interesting illusion of perspective and a new design, and you can see the movement. His interesting and registered form produced by mathematical logic, classical geometry and parametric modeling and a small secret. When the sun shines, the glass is not visible, only visible support, as a table is very interesting seen from above, kakud-it does not table and illusion.



Selecting a table lamp – is a very serious decision. After all, this is the device to which you will have to contact each day, it will depend on his health of your eyes and the light level in the room. So in this respect it is better not to experiment. Classic is always good! And what is the classical source of light in the dark? Of course, the Moon! Here in the form of the moon and created a designer lamp Nosigner «The Moon».


Classic Dining Rooms Ideas

Georgian style A large dining space is given a classic Georgian look with antique mahogany furniture set against rich blue paint. Long floral curtains in earthy tones hang over French doors to create warmth and intimacy during cold winter months. Incoming search terms: hallway decorating ideas


Creative Idea by Martin Saar – ‘S-TOOL’

Stool created by Estonian designer Martin Saar and his London studio MbyMartin. A stool with a soft look inspired by the classic four holes buttons. A simple structure handcrafted in solid beech wood, characterized by a curious and comfortable sitting, consisting of a pillow tied between two layers with a colored thread, a stylish color contrast that makes this stool a unique furnishing solution. Incoming search terms: creative idea


Classic Style Bathrooms

Focal Point Consider the first thing you see when you enter the room; it might be the bath, but you don’t want it to be a loo. Here, a French-style console basin with a decorative mirror above it has enough substance to draw the eye, yet still feels delicate and elegant.


Bedroom Storage Ideas

Walnut storage system Try making a striking statement. In this simple, modern scheme, a walnut headboard also conceals plenty of storage space as well as a lighting system – perfect for bedtime reading. Incoming search terms: Bedroom Storage Ideas , shelving ideas , bedroom shelving ideas , bookshelves

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