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Children’s lamp in the form of clouds

This cloud was made for children’s rooms, and a lamp, night light as well. This wonderful lamp has created a Japanese master – Zhao Liping. Such a lamp will be enjoyed by any child. A model of this lamp looks very realistic, and even with the long view it seems to be floating in the air.


The lamp in the spirit of sea travel

Next original idea ceiling lighting designer Alexander Jowett found in Canada. Lamp, which is a thick ship ropes with a bulb at the end. Such a thing is useful in the design of the living rooms and children’s rooms in the spirit of travel, interiors, with sea and pirate theme (such). Light of the rope can also be used in the decoration of residential and public buildings urban style.


Children’s rooms

As we know children are more things than adults, everywhere and always will be a lot of toys that are scattered throughout the apartment. This problem can be very easy to fix! Enough to provide the child Baskets, buckets and other containers for storage, and all the toys will be in place! This is how you train a child the child lay things on the shelves. Storage for a child’s room can serve as additional equipment for the organization of zones for sleeping and games, as well as posted on their own. Of course, cabinets and shelves partially solve the…


Design children’s rooms

Every child should have a room that would be his castle, a place where they can keep their secrets, dreams and plans. A large children’s room for three people. Blue combined with green make the room pleasant for both boys and girls. Incoming search terms: children room , child room , children rooms , غرف اطفال


Children’s Rooms – Best Ideas

Boy’s nautical bedroom Nautical is a popular theme for young boys, but it can be easily overdone. This nautical boy’s bedroom is perfect. Red accessories are a great way to offset the blue walls. The matching quilt cover and curtains get the balance just right. Incoming search terms: vintage bedroom ideas , childrens rooms , childrens room


Classic Girl’s Rooms Decorating Ideas

Create a unique display A collection of quirky artwork creates a wonderful focal point in this pretty bedroom. Incoming search terms: bedroom decorating ideas , girls room decorating ideas , new year decoration ideas , girls bedroom decorating ideas


Modern Kids Rooms Ideas

Boys’ Union Jack bunk beds This Union Jack-inspired boys’ bedroom, complete with bunk beds, looks funky, fun and colourful. The injection of vibrant colour creates excitement but the colour palette is kept similar to avoid clashing.

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