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The dining area is a great idea for your apartment

A place for a meal depends on many factors – the total area of ​​the house, the amount of free time in the household, even from the geographical location and cultural traditions. To save space, time and energy of a dining table is often located in an area close to the place of cooking.


Kitchen Design from Charmean Neithart

To create the design of this beautiful kitchen was used predominantly white. This is absolutely justified – the kitchen is small and the use of other, saturated colors overloaded to a small area. White kitchen – a classic, you can love or not to take, but he could not refuse. Clean and spacious – this is what gives the feeling of this kitchen. To kitchen space was reminiscent of the operating room, designer Charmean Neithart diluted cool white light turquoise ceiling and contrasting dark floor. In addition, the wall was adorned with a very bright mosaic. This added element of…


Jennifer Aniston House

Jennifer Aniston mansion in Beverly Hills, says the main thing as his mistress – diligence. Star 2.5 years with designer Stephen Shedli carefully worked on the interior of the house, built in 1970. Such a serious approach to upgrading housing is justified. The actress has given the name of the house “Ohana,” which in Hawaiian means “extended family.” Perhaps this is due to the expectation of actresses change in his personal life. Fireplace in the street, in the evenings, it can get warm in nature.


Room to Read – home library

Of course, all sorts of nooks for reading and home library space – is an ideal place to help you relax and dissolve in the art world, or carefully consider a variety of books. These examples are necessarily inspire you to make a small, cozy reading corner in a large home library or anywhere in the house.

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