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Luxury colorful lockers KERAMOS

Designers companies Adriano Design and La Castellamonte presented a joint project KERAMOS – cabinets made of wood and polished ceramic. This unusual collection of modular furniture-like cabinets for storage, provided 99 copies of different colors and shapes.


A variety of shell

Models of ancient cupboards and drawers today transformed into stunning cabinets under the sink. They can be open or closed, legs, and without, with glass or with a carved pattern. There is only one hard and fast rule – the need for such a round sink cabinets.


Children’s rooms

As we know children are more things than adults, everywhere and always will be a lot of toys that are scattered throughout the apartment. This problem can be very easy to fix! Enough to provide the child Baskets, buckets and other containers for storage, and all the toys will be in place! This is how you train a child the child lay things on the shelves. Storage for a child’s room can serve as additional equipment for the organization of zones for sleeping and games, as well as posted on their own. Of course, cabinets and shelves partially solve the…


Cabinet-style LEGO

Sweden – is not only the birthplace of Carlson and group ABBA, but also a place where there are always new names in fashion and design. Young Swedish furniture brand A2, created in 2009 on the basis of the eponymous design studio, in their collections professes innovative and different innovative thinking. Purpose – to show the familiar objects of interior in the new and unusual design. Own production in the historical province of Småland, in southern Sweden, said that the intentions of the fastest growing companies the most serious. Not long ago, young Swedish enthusiasts presented a collection of colorful…


Doppeldecker Table hides your workspace to double as a dining table

This word was coined for those people who have no special place for cabinets and steel, this model is versatile and can easily be transformed to suit you. Design Bernotat & Co, table Doppeldecker easily hide your workspace, and can easily turn into a dining table. The table has two levels to combine work and leisure in one unit. Table Doppeldecker, you do not have to worry about cleaning the work area every time you want a cup of tea with friends or dinner with the family. You can remove all predmetty, and close the lid, and the table is…


Cool and Unconventional Shelving Ideas

Shelves and cabinets are interesting, for example, look at the vertical wooden panels that are particularly unusual. Vertical or horizontal, it’s really amazing how the designers managed to make these pieces of furniture so comfortable. Shelves and cabinets are constructed from simple materials, which makes them fit well in a variety of interiors. Incoming search terms: shabby chic living room ideas


Kitchen as Metaphor of a Multicultural Reality by Erik Klein Wolterink

Most probably thinks it does not make sense to have a complete picture of what lies behind the doors of the cabinet in their kitchen. Photographer Eric Klein Wolterink believes that this reflects the host and looks interesting. To prove it, he created the “Kitchen Portraits” series printed display collected open cabinets, refrigerators and boxes from around the world, “a well-equipped kitchen belongs to the Turkish cuisine with goat cheese and halal sausage. But mix for homemade apple pie is witnessing open relation to other traditions. woman shows her African roots with a plastic bottle filled with bubbly water palm…

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