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Chair with bookshelves

Contrary to the development of high technology, the demand for print media still remains. OpenBook – one more chair-library, this time represented by the designers of the British studio TILT. OpenBook combines a comfortable seat and a mini-library, which would be appropriate, both as a member of the public space, as well as part of a cozy bedroom or living room. Minimalist chair has a high back and a soft leather interior, providing comfort and relative privacy and soundproofing.


Shelves and designer furniture ideal for those who have always worked at home

Shelves designer will allow you every day to change the design and the functional purpose of your work space – ideal for the home and office. It’s simple: you create an original (or a book profiling in the studio) set of bookshelves, and that will be the key elements of your design. And by doing so, make a shelf or a resolution, or a multiple of the size of the smallest of them. That is, large shelves must be greater than the small flat in 2, 4 or 6 times, but in this case, you can use them as unusual,…


Stylish vintage interior of a house

Interesting house. In it all in place, the interior is very stylish and is made explicit in style. Of course, not everyone will like such a solution. But after all, what we are all different, is just the point. Otherwise, how boring would the world.


Body Shelving by Darragh Casey

Inspired by his father, who used each moment of boredom as a chance to build and put up another shelf on the wall, artist and furniture design student Darragh Casey developed an intriguing project entitled “Shelving the Body”. According to Fubiz, several photos were taken by the artist at the Central Saint Martins 2012 Degree Show, with a theme that is said to explore the relationship between people, shelves and the objects they hold. The originality (and dare we add- craziness) of these installations consists in the fact that the shelves are only stable if supported by the human body….

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