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Bookcase or shelf for bicycle

The bookshelf was made and a shelf for the lovers of cycling, this shelf would look perfect in the interior of a modest apartment where there is no place to put the bike, and the good news is that you can also place your books, magazines, and other appurtenances. This regiment will learn a lot about the host, as shown bike rack on display. In modern homes this regiment will be very convenient.


Sofa which hovers in the clouds

Younes Duret presented to the fans of unusual furniture new decision – literally soars in the air sofa Ransa! Looks like a sofa simply amazing, and most importantly – it is possible to play at home! Of course, in fact, the sofa is not suspended in the air. He has a reason, and that is… bookshelf! It is installed at the bottom and creates a visual impression of the sofa, hovering right over books. The secret is in the well thought-out dimensions of the sofa, which is installed with the help of several special fastenings. As a result, you can…


Bright shelves

Bright shelves from Steckbar Ismail Özalbayrak consists of simple modules that are created from bent, welded and powder-coated steel plates. Each module can be stacked on top of each other, so that you can put on any other bookshelf, the Samma split them apart.


Artificial fireplace

In your home has a fireplace, but for some reason you do not use it for its intended purpose? Or summer comes and you wrestle with how to write a cozy fireplace warms the fresh interior? Idle fireplace can be used as a bookshelf to store favorite novels and a collection of glossy magazines as a stylish wine rack or as a place for a personal art gallery. You can replace a chimney fire a large collection of scented candles in the fireplace or put his collection of designer shoes.

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