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Bookcase or shelf for bicycle

The bookshelf was made and a shelf for the lovers of cycling, this shelf would look perfect in the interior of a modest apartment where there is no place to put the bike, and the good news is that you can also place your books, magazines, and other appurtenances. This regiment will learn a lot about the host, as shown bike rack on display. In modern homes this regiment will be very convenient.


Multilevel apartment in a former laundry

Multilevel apartment in the former laundry with a separate entrance, rack-staircase and underfloor wardrobe room. HOSTS Yury – a producer, Evgeniya – an architect, Petya – their son NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 METRIC AREA 80 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 3.8 m Yury, Evgeniya and their son Peter moved into their apartment on Kamennoostrovskoy prospect of Petrogradskaya storona in June 2010. The family head always dreamed to live in this house because of its unusual history. The building was built for St. Petersburg professors by order of the Culture Ministry in 1956. There was a separate entrance on the first floor, some…


Modern Furniture and Designs for the Bedroom

With many innovative and unique new furniture and gadget designs available it can be a real challenge to bring something really fresh to your bedroom. It can also be a challenge when face with such banality in all the major furniture suppliers. To help you resolve these problems we have scoured the web and found a few exceptional ideas that you might want to consider when spicing up your bedroom; from a TV Bed to a branch inspired Bookcase.

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