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Best kitchen tables

The large table-island (island) is the heart of any modern kitchen. This versatile item of kitchen furniture, which has a number of additional shelves to store a variety of accessories, is divided into several working surfaces, and can hold up to, for example, a sink or cooktop. This provides significant savings in space of your kitchen. It should be noted that one of the main roles to be played by a similar kitchen island – it’s certainly the role of “collector” of the whole family in one place. Family members or just come to visit friends, love to spend time…


Design bedrooms in dark colors

Bedroom – an intimate room where there is no entry prying eyes. Style solution for a bedroom may be different from the style of the whole apartment, but most importantly it must be tailored to the individual needs and tastes of its owners. The furnishings and decor of the bedroom require special attention. Huge impact on the nature of the bedroom has a color and quality and type of finishing materials. Color scheme plays an important role in the formation of an interior bedroom. Style bedroom, one might say, is determined by its color scheme. Defining colors bedroom main thing…


Oversized Hammock Bed by Stal Collectief

Off-wall bed design is generally not in the list of bed buyer criteria when hunting for a new place to go at night. Unusual variant of the bed, the bed can be a great thing to shop for, not just hunting for a firm or soft mattress. This wooden bed is steel Collectief called «Koala 45. Valance piece of wire combined for 12 bolts. Related structure can contain up to 8, and it is woven together with strong material that is reminiscent of the popular bags belts. While this may not be the best option. This bed is designed more…

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