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Heat-sensitive furniture in an interior

Project Linger A Little Longer consists of stylish, simple table and a bench noble black. And it remains impenetrably black for the time being. While not sit down at the table with the hosts and guests begin to drink tea. Then the heat-sensitive paint, which covered the surface of furniture, will lighten where her concern warm hands, feet, or utensils with hot food.


Metal Garden Bench.

In order to make a wrought-iron bench seat on a soft, often use special mattresses or pillows that are tied ropes to the bench. Such a solution will make your stay comfortable and cozy. Also, you will not only soft, but warm – removable mattress you can lay on the bench, even in cool weather and take pleasure in the outdoor recreation.


Sunbed from Marie Dessuant

Parisian designer Marie Dessuant created a sunbed, which can serve as a sofa / bench / stool especially for the collection firm Singularité. Frame furniture is made of beech wood, and a removable canvas, mattress and pillow – cotton. According to the designer: “The process of sitting on a stool,” Survey of ships coming “- a modern interpretation of the sunbed. And its removable mattress and pillows make the furniture more comfortable and mobile. ”


Punti bench and Spot stools

The asymmetric shape and comfortable enough to seat three people and one cat, inspired by the bright colors and different, drawing on each other. Punti bench is good and the current definition of similarity is one device.


Longest Weave Bench In England

There is more than one way to create a bench, and Studio Weave designers proved that over and over again with just one installation of a bench where the twists and turns not only have people intrigued but it is seating a good portion of people in West Sussex. The Littlehampton based bench has the ability to seat about 800 people, and it span over 2,000 feet. If that wasn’t astonishing enough– the design allows for the bench to continue expanding over time. The creative and intriguing bench is made from thousands of tropical hardwood slats that are individually engraved…

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