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Decorating a bedroom? Start with the bed!

Whether you use your bedroom as a space to express yourself and indulge in hobbies or as more of a dressing room, you are likely to rely on it as one thing in particular – as a place where you lay your weary head at the end of the day. As a result, the focus of most bedrooms is the bed itself and whether you’re short of space or have room for a super kingsize, your choice of bed can help set the tone for the complete room, as well as your night of rest. If you are buying a…


Floating Bed Dylan

Contemporary bed Dylan was designed by designer Andrea Lucatello for the company Cattelan Italia. Bed design gives the impression of light floating and weightlessness. The bed is covered with soft leather and is available in white, black, brown and cream.


Beautiful pillow cases Hand Made

These beautiful decorative pillow cases look simply amazing! Such originally pillows can brighten up your bed or sofa. These pillow cases are ideal as a bed for sleeping and for sitting room


10 of the world’s wackiest beds

It’s thought that humans spend almost a third of their life sleeping. Whether or not you could count it as a ‘waste’ all depends on your outlook really – if you absolutely adore sleeping you’ll probably still be eager to catch a few extra hours here and there! Your choice of bed is one of the most important sleep-related issues out there, as your choice is likely to determine how well you sleep at night. The last thing you want is to buy a bed that you find uncomfortable. Of course, some would also say that you need a bed…


Luxurious bed “cocoon” of HiCan

For those who like to be pampered, this is simply nirvana. This system is a luxury bed from HiCan – a sort of “cocoon” for recreation and entertainment. The design has been produced in a modern minimalist hi-tech with rich functionality. There are blinds that can be pulled out to dive into a peaceful sleep. The bed is also equipped with a powerful modern sound system, a reading lamp, built a personal computer and multimedia additions in the form of gaming and entertainment consoles. All this is connected to the projector, and you can enjoy movies and high-definition screen of…


Children’s furniture

Over recent years the approach to children’s furniture has changed dramatically, including the customers. This is a big achievement producers legislators furniture fashion, and fashion is quite a grown-up. They demonstrate to the public that the habitat can be interactive, stimulating the imagination and inviting to the game. Incoming search terms: childrens furniture


Oversized Hammock Bed by Stal Collectief

Off-wall bed design is generally not in the list of bed buyer criteria when hunting for a new place to go at night. Unusual variant of the bed, the bed can be a great thing to shop for, not just hunting for a firm or soft mattress. This wooden bed is steel Collectief called «Koala 45. Valance piece of wire combined for 12 bolts. Related structure can contain up to 8, and it is woven together with strong material that is reminiscent of the popular bags belts. While this may not be the best option. This bed is designed more…

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