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Stunning decor of marine trophies

Gorgeous little things made of seashells, starfish, glass pieces, polished sea water, rocks … Mass of very interesting ideas. Incredibly beautiful!


Combined garden bench.

Often in gardens and home gardens arranged combination of garden benches. They are comfortable, beautiful, practical, durable enough. Popular combination of metal and wood. Comfort and warmth of the wood used in the bench seat, and durable metal supports and wrought-iron headboards. Other combinations are allowed: concrete, stone, wood and forging, stone and metal.


Beautiful lounger

Creative Turkish designers Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa in 2007 designed this hammock, called the Leaf, which translates as a sheet. It looks simple, but beautiful, and the look of this two loungers for relaxation really like leaf falling from a tree. The hammock is made of Dacron, it can be used in the home or in the veranda or under the open sky. It can be purchased in different colors.


Nice interior for small bathrooms

Professional designers have found a way for a small bathroom, you need to include fantasy + masterful selection of furniture and plumbing fixtures can save precious centimeters to more important things. Even a small bathroom can be comfortable and beautiful.


Levens Hall Gardens

This garden is located in the heart of Cumbria and is the most beautiful and oldest garden topiarnogo the UK and around the world! Was a French garden designer Guillaume Beaumont (Guillame Beaumont), the creator and some other English gardens, such as, for example, Hampton Court, but to this day live only Levens Hall. The gardens were established in the late 17th century, and the property itself for four centuries earlier.


Ecodesign home

Organic and eco-friendly materials have been selected for the publication of this Scandinavian interior. Beautiful soft color palette – shades of white. The wall is made of natural stone. Roof is full of wood. Flax linen in the bedroom, only natural tissue. This house is a dream house a fairy tale! At any time you can be at sea for a walk with the dogs, or just sit in the sand and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Sofa By GamFratesi

Architectural company GamFratesi cooperate with Fredericia Furniture for Haiku sofa. Sofas and Kersley Haiku was set design award 2012. This sofa is comfortable Haiku, shape, compact and practical flags of Japanese poetry, designed as a sensory images to show the warm emotions. Sofa haiku has beautiful legs, a hard shell and a nice cozy interior to create a feeling of protection and curiosity.

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