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Napkin from scrap environmental materials with his own hands

Eco-furniture, yarn made of plant fibers, in a fashion, a trend that is purely ecological materials. And if the prefix bio and eco is only a prefix to the name of the product and it does not guarantee the quality of your chosen product purchased in a store, things you have just created a 100% guarantee quality and environmental friendliness. And it’s not only cooked his own meals, conservation, as well as furniture and household items.


Beautiful and bright shutters in interior

Blinds-pleated blinds are often used on roof and attic Windows, as well as the panoramic French Windows. But, despite this, these curtains-blinds look splendid and perfect for the small Windows.


The original chairs for the home

The best place to relax after a hard day – this is our home, and everyone is striving to equip your home is beautiful, cozy and comfortable original. Unusual chairs for the home as a design element will not only beautify the interior of the apartment, but also to equip the perfect place to relax. Choosing chairs for the home depends directly on its purpose and location, so you must take into account not only the functionality but also the style of the interior.


Beautiful chandelier in interior

Chandelier – it is an important element of any interior, which has not only functional but also decorative role. It gives the room a special atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, filled with light and shine. Therefore, most people choose beautiful chandeliers that are meant to emphasize the design ideas and style of the room. First chandeliers appeared in the 4th century in the Byzantine Empire, where they use pendant lights. Even then, the master strove to create the most beautiful chandeliers, using stone, bronze, wood, mica. They come up with more original and unusual options chandeliers, intricate shapes attached to…


Beautiful interior of the house

Beautiful and cozy house, cute pictures, beautiful and simple curtains. The most simple decoration in the decor. Light furniture in the kitchen is small and expanding a small kitchen. The large fireplace lined with green tiles. High doors, almost to the ceiling, exit to the terrace, very convenient and easy. A lot of vases with green flowers.


Shades of felt

Very simple and yet so beautiful – is used for the manufacture of soft felt. Come from two sheets of felt and glue spider, we lay this cobweb between sheets of iron and glue, and then sew onto the cone and soak in hot water to stretch the form of what some – like this one, we fix and give to dry completely, then without removing from the mold are cut by a sharp razor shape of butterflies and only carefully remove from the form, the edge of the lampshade cut out tracery. Connect a bowl – you can screw…



This beautiful house by the sea in the countryside of Uruguay – one of the works decorator Laura Ocampo. According to the author detailed design, the location of the house served as a starting point for creating a space where the sea air would combine with the ease of the province of the South American country. The use of white and shades of blue perfectly complements the overall atmosphere of the room.

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