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Laundry basket in the bathroom

Laundry baskets are usually hidden out of sight. But sometimes the laundry baskets are so beautiful and stylish that they can be safely put in the most prominent place in the bathroom. Incoming search terms: narrow laundry hamper , narrow hamper


A beautiful Chairs “eight”

The original chairs are made of plastic in the form of a figure eight, very original will look in any interior, simple and convenient to add up.


Beautiful interiors in Sweden ANNA CARDEL

Here’s where you can fully unleash your imagination, so it’s a profession interior decorator. Agree, in a studio, which so often have to work these professionals, creating a backdrop for various photo shoots, much easier to improvise with the colors and shapes to create the most incredible compositions and combinations. Of course, not all of their works will be realized in life, but through experimentation can often come to something very interesting and beautiful.


Fixtures of Seletti Bottles

Are you interested in unique lighting for your bedroom or your dining room table? Bouche Neon light bottles create artistic light, which creates a warm colored glow to set the mood in any room in your home, plus they is beautiful. The lights use a small spiral neon light hung inside the smartly colored bottle. Wire hangs a Coke bottle. Bouche Neon Light is available in different colors. The card includes a simple ON / OFF control to control the mood light setting you want.


Lamps like branches of a tree

These lamps are called Kaji lamp. Kaji in translation is the “branch.” Natural abstraction, expressed in teak wood and steel. And just beautiful and wonderful lamp, which embellish your interior.


Beautiful pillow cases Hand Made

These beautiful decorative pillow cases look simply amazing! Such originally pillows can brighten up your bed or sofa. These pillow cases are ideal as a bed for sleeping and for sitting room


Chair-snag hidden in the picture

Professionals Tokyo design studio «YOY» created a great chair-hornblende. It’s literally a chair with a picture а chair. Use this piece of furniture can, leaning it against the wall. The frame structure is made of wood and aluminum and is covered with an elastic fabric with a texture of canvas and printed on her flowery patterned chair. Very beautiful and creative!

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