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Beautiful home in Melbourne

Traditional brick facade of this house in Melbourne deceptive. This villa redesigned Agency Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture. Separate color spots enliven the space which is formed as a shaft.


Making great landscape design and garden plots

In this post provided landscape design from all over the globe. This is a great piece of landscape design pictures, about how we can make beautiful smallholding. A small number of options to help you think about how to arrange your garden.


Master bedroom with stunning views of the beautiful nature

Each of the following in their interior colors and textures combined with very natural colors and paints. That is visible from the window. Room as it is a continuation of the coast. The beach view is very important to many people because it is very beautiful and fascinating. Not everyone has a property on the sea or the ocean because it is very expensive. However, you can find attractive offers to invest in a beautiful property on the coast.


Beautiful piece of plastic Plastic Fantastic

Foreign furniture designer Jasper van Grootel (Zhasper Van Grotel) has created a creative collection of plastic chairs called Plastic Fantastic in the Baroque style of a country house and garden. The chip furniture material – it is plastic with rubber, which makes the chairs are very durable and look like leather. Black chairs – look as if came to us from the 19th century and made of very expensive materials


Beautiful Eco-hanger made ​​of wood

Back in 2007, Ryan Frank invented Grapple, but it was lacking something. And now, in collaboration with TAPEgear, Ryan has created an updated version of the hanger, just an idea inspired by the industrial hooks. This is not just environmentally friendly product, but an entirely new perspective on the natural material.


Beautiful Fixtures Schproket lighting system

Fixtures Schproket lighting system, created by designer Christopher Moulder quite similar to those used to see every day in homes. Christopher Molder famous designer for their unusual experiments on the light. This time it is full of designer lamps series of engineering, technical style suitable to the interior rather the owner with a strong male character.

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