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A few tips on how to use the vases in the interior

Many people underestimate the far vase in the decoration and interior. Someone is not taking seriously the vase in the interior. Someone keeps them in the dust in the closet and forgot about this wonderful accessories. Vases make the interior more interesting, original, and richer. Believe vases can never have enough! The main thing to choose a vase interesting and unique, and it is better if there will be a few. We’ll give you some tips how to decorate the interior with beautiful vases.


White kitchen

White kitchen is always pure, fresh and bright. It is an ideal place for the culinary creator, and it doesn’t matter in what direction his preferences are. White color is suitable for classical, modern, or rural style. White color not only increases space visually, but also provides a lot of opportunities for arrangement of accents. For example, it is possible to use the bright textiles freely, unusual lamps, and a tree of saturated shades or a bright tile as a floor covering. It is difficult to be mistaken decorating a white interior in general. Practically everything looks good on its…

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