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Beautiful apartment in Stockholm, a post-industrial area with a circular balcony

OWNERS Yuel (interior photographer, a student of the Royal Institute of Technology) and Alina ( recruiter in the international recruiting agency) Metric area 72 sq.m Number of rooms 2 FLOOR 6 Ceiling height 3 m Alina and Yuel purchased their apartment in a comparatively new district Hammarby Sjustad (literally: “town by the lake”) southward of the island Södermalm, where the main boutiques, coffee bars, restaurants, and bars of Stockholm are situated, a year ago. Free ferry goes to Södermalm from here every 20 minutes. The district itself was industrial some time ago: textile factories, other industrial buildings, and a sea…


Apartment in Florence

This beautiful apartment with Florence, Italy, plays all the bright colors of the rainbow! Red, yellow, blue, green and other cheerful and bright colors give this unusual interior charm. It is obvious that in these apartments live bright and creative people: built with such irony interior design can not belong to the skeptics and nerds. Every detail is wanting to peer review and without taking his eyes, each color instantly becomes the favorite because bright and beautiful and eye-catching.

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