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Cozy apartment in Stockholm

Gorgeous modern apartment with stunning views of Stockholm and Lake Hammarby. Open space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and three balconies are located on one floor of a historic building. Apartment with a touch of the east and slightly gothic atmosphere offers to consider the use of different materials in a single environment. Dark muted tones somewhat unusual, but it does not overshadow the perception, and thanks to the warm light fixtures interior seems shielding.


Cozy garden

Making your garden can be a whole masterpiece, and sometimes need a simple situation, not to attract too much attention and complements your home atmosphere pleasant background. The same wish was the garden and the owners, who wanted to place in the yard of a sculpture as a matter of pride.


Minimalism in Modern Apartment

Designer Vasily Butenko demonstrated through his work powerful chromatic experience. Recently, he has managed to make the interior of an apartment in a fascinating Crimea, Ukraine, using a pure black color, which covers a very original in terms of lack of … color. Inspiring sober elegance apartment is suitable for people with a taste that can apreciate the refined atmosphere of a good design. Mixing black patterns and textures, the designer caught a custom kernel “magnificent darkness.”

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