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Futuristic Farmhouse

Architect Daniel Libeskind was asked by a very wealthy couple from the art world to build his house in the country – and that’s what artist! We believe that the couple could not be happier, considering the fact that they actually threw architect challenge: “No matter what you come up with, we ask you to do so as more extreme”. You are probably curious as to why the house is given a numerical name? Libeskind explains: “The living area of ​​the residence in Connecticut is formed of 18 faces, divided by 36 points connected by 54 lines on me. These…


Hungarian house

These fabulous pictures Victor Fretyana demonstrate fascinating image of the house, thickly overgrown with ivy green, created by architect Satoshi Okada. Located on the slopes of Swabi Hill, this building is the residence of the family of photographer Thomas Gudzovatona. The house is located in the heart of the Hungarian capital on the border of protected Buda Hills. This place is one of the most popular green sights of Budapest, with its panoramic view from the 477-meter height. Bicentennial decorated trees beech plot strikes stunning scenery, which sought to emphasize the architect. Satoshi Okada quality design of the building, consisting…


Authentic and Elegant Italian Furniture Designs

MACMAMAU is an Italian brand that develops high quality decorative elements in small precious series. Ilaria and Sara Patriarca, architect and illustrator who delivered Macmamau, an exclusive project with a strong Italian heritage. Incoming search terms: italian furniture

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