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Beautiful glazed balconies

This means that it can be equipped with as much as you want – even an office, even a mini gym, even a relaxation room.


Collection sofa by Giovanni Erba

Italian designers of modern European furniture for living a high class GiovanniErba created a new exhibit. Spazio sofa with adjustable backrest, cushion is a top class design for a house or apartment of class “luxury”. Leather furniture – that’s something from which no one can take your eyes off. GiovanniErba, Italian home furniture sets the tone for the market of leather furniture last fifty years or so, and has not yet run its course, as evidenced by its chic and sensational designs. This furniture is known for its innovative, functional and classic design. House designers asked tendencies in the past,…


Ideas for a small bedroom

Bedroom – is one of the most important places in the apartment. In today’s world, with its hectic, human life is replete with stress, problems that are exhausting, and the forces on full sleep does not remain. Therefore the bedroom should be the island where people may stop by to relax and have a rest. To a great extent this is true for small bedrooms, because often they are not very comfortable, and all because there is no feeling of space and freedom.


Design small apartments

A small apartment can be beautiful and individual. It can have as many cons and pros. The main drawback is the lack of a small apartment space, but there is no need to panic. And in a small apartment, you can create a unique design that will emphasize the personality and individuality of the owner. To the interior of a small apartment to make a really unusual in the foundation you need to put an original and stylish idea. To convert the ideas you have are equipped with knowledge of exclusive design techniques and innovative solutions.


10 luxurious interior design ideas

Luxurious interior, many may not realize someone they may not like it, but for the most part many people want to go to expensive apartment to see how life works in such areas. Incoming search terms: interior design


Interior Workplace

If you are not afraid to “admit” the work of the house, it is to handle the arrangement of the workplace: a dedicated room or corner of the apartment. Fit jobs in their structures apartments – not an easy task, but solvable. Especially if it is a mobile workstation.

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