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The most remarkable interiors of opera houses

American photographer David Leventi (David Leventi) takes the opera houses around the world. Look at these pictures and find yourself at the moment in these beautiful places. Amargosa Opera House, Death Valley Junction, California, USA


Flintstones House in Malibu

American TV star Dick Clark (Dick Clark) is selling his house in Malibu for $ 3.5 million. The structure looks like a very home Flintstones (The Flinstones), famous cartoon characters.


Beautiful interiors of Katie Rosenfeld

If you like bright colors, but you were always afraid to take a chance and experiment with rich tones, today’s selection of colorful living spaces of the American studio Katie Rosenfeld Design – this is exactly what you need. Designers prove in practice that the inappropriate or “inconvenient” shades for home decoration is not and can flourish in almost any color. Enjoy all start the week!


SmartDeco’s Cardboard furniture

Smartdeco one of the American companies that create cardboard furniture. Cardboard makes furniture air, processing, inexpensive and easy to assemble, no need to use the tools. If you are creative, you can paint or assemble your furniture yourself. In addition, you will rearrange it, or throw it away. Smartdeco cardboard furniture is perfect for students and young people who always want to change and unusual things. Incoming search terms: CARDBOARD FURNITURE

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