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Sofa which hovers in the clouds

Younes Duret presented to the fans of unusual furniture new decision – literally soars in the air sofa Ransa! Looks like a sofa simply amazing, and most importantly – it is possible to play at home! Of course, in fact, the sofa is not suspended in the air. He has a reason, and that is… bookshelf! It is installed at the bottom and creates a visual impression of the sofa, hovering right over books. The secret is in the well thought-out dimensions of the sofa, which is installed with the help of several special fastenings. As a result, you can…


Beautiful handmade furniture mosaic

Unusual pieces of furniture decorated with polished stainless steel and are all made by hand. The asymmetry of this amazing furniture fits perfectly into the interior of modern apartment, making it an original and attractive. This unusual collection of furniture consists of two end tables, a small dining table, chairs and a large floor vases.


Concrete products for all tastes

These interior, or some furniture and accessories made of  concrete or provided in a form and color that you would think that this is a real concrete. The most amazing thing that you do not learn! Simple and fashionable, and above the concrete is an expensive material to create interesting effects and accessories. Hours 4th dimension, 22 Design Studio.


Luxury decorative gold panels with their hands

Luxury golden panels to complement your interior! But this luxury is made from disposable plates. Such panels beautifully and festively decorate the dining room, living room or hallway. Size panels can range from very large to small, it will still be amazing to look in the interior. We suggest that you follow our guidelines and photo to make such panels by hand. We need: – Paper or plastic disposable plates – A large piece of film to protect the surface during operation – Hot glue or other strong adhesive – Instead of glue can be used with the staple gun,…


Herbst Architects

Herbst Architects sought to introduce a range of space, good light and texture of experience in the design of the house on the Big Island in New Zelandii.Tsentralnoy barrier covered deck forms the core residential area and surrounded by a bright captured vessels and kitchen and dining space, enclosed on two sides with a third party with movable louvers on screen vetra. Fireplace creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, acting as the heart Baha.Zhelanie to blur in and out, a reference to the campsite, is achieved through a series of sliding doors, making the passage, as a rule, and the…


White Wonderland Spaces

Families with pets and children and careless significant others will tell you to avoid white, where others might beg to differ. While white sensitive that almost any dirt, grease and food stain appears on is also the option to be able to whiten whites, too. Not to mention, white always looks amazing.

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