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Hey – is the name of hay mattresses

Furniture by designer Fabio del Percio of transparent PVC and packed 100% clean hay from Iceland. The main highlight of the series Hey * According to the author, is a combination of traditional and unjustly forgotten material and modern transparent shell. Each of the buyers will be able to see their hay – promises designer.


Lenga Modular System

The modular system is a minimal design created in Jerusalem, Israel, developed Yes, oui si.Dizayn inspired suspension system in which the various parts can be placed and moved according to the function it serves. This furniture helps sohrnayat more space and zahlomlyat room. For flat space, in particular, the wall is not used enough to provide storage. However, with this modular set, the user can build a system as high or wide as he / she needs, using wall space and the maximum area.

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