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Convenient bamboo items for the interior

Accessories made of natural materials, at least, are worthy of attention. These accessories are made of bamboo are interesting, at the same time exquisitely elegant, airy and very close to the earth, to nature, to something solid and sustainable. This duality plays a bamboo accessory to deepen the interior, giving it new features, strokes, interesting. Accessories such interesting to consider, they want to touch.


Lamps in Indian style

Be transported to exotic corners of the world can, without leaving your home – enough to use in interior accessories that are associated with distant countries. However, the same culture can cause different associations. Inspired by traditional Indian lamps, colored metal lamp from the new collection of the brand «Handcrafted» look as if you’ve found them at this bazaar.


A few tips on how to use the vases in the interior

Many people underestimate the far vase in the decoration and interior. Someone is not taking seriously the vase in the interior. Someone keeps them in the dust in the closet and forgot about this wonderful accessories. Vases make the interior more interesting, original, and richer. Believe vases can never have enough! The main thing to choose a vase interesting and unique, and it is better if there will be a few. We’ll give you some tips how to decorate the interior with beautiful vases.


Beautiful lamp

Beautiful studio with pictures of New Zealand. All their furniture and home accessories made ​​from treated wood in New Zealand and has a great sense of warmth to them. Warm and cozy studio.


Scandinavian conciseness

Did you know that light enhances the interior room and makes it more? More and more people using the lighter tones, white walls, light furniture, and makes them the focus. Because white always brings us good things, but you can dilute it with bright accessories, such as a bright green carpet, or red dishes. The main thing to experiment!


Interesting furniture

This post is provided for those who are interested in unusual furniture, and for those who want to diversify interesting interior furniture. Unusual shelves, tables, stands, and other accessories. Departing from the simple things, experimenting. Incoming search terms: interesting furniture


Accessories for the bathroom and laundry room

Accessories for the bathroom and laundry room. Convenience in the interior plays a very important role. You can choose these ideas to make your bathroom better. Incoming search terms: small laundry room ideas

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