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Open kitchen shelves

Why hide the beauty in closed cabinets? Obtain open kitchen shelves and put on display his collection of wines, figurines and vintage enamel ware. Do not associate the open kitchen shelves with the disorder and cluttered spaces: a properly fitted exhibits only decorate the interior of the kitchen. Open kitchen shelves particularly suitable for the design of kitchens in the country-style French cuisine and vintage retro cafe 50′s and 60′s.


The Retro-Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen made in a retro style with addition of industrial strokes settles down in one of the Madrid houses. Designers faced a difficult task while planning kitchen – how to divide kitchen and dining room space and not to reduce the area visually. The space of kitchen and dining room is integrated and divided at the same time. At the owners’ request big doors from glass and metal remain open, uniting dining room and kitchen zones in one big space. This method perfectly works when many guests come to the house. In addition, the transparent doors, used for divide,…


Design ideas kitchen tile

Kitchen is a place which gathers all the members of the family together. The kitchen should be cozy and its design has to be not only attractive but also functional. All this means that designing and decorating kitchen is an important task and the owner should approach to this decision intelligently. How many options of finishing the working space in the kitchen do you know? Decorating kitchen, we must think about easy cleaning of working space. It’s also important to choose the right variant because of various culinary smells that are often absorbed there. The finishing tile, perhaps, is the…


Some Country Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the coziest place in the house. We spend much time here – we cook food, we have breakfast, we have dinner, we have supper or we drink tea and coffee with guests. Here we create the culinary masterpieces to please our relatives. Kitchen is a place of privacy and heart-to-heart talks with close friends. It is a special place in the house therefore it’s very important to make the project of your kitchen functional and unique. How to optimize kitchen space, how to make that all elements would be combined? How to make the kitchen really cozy? Does…


Advantages of Using Glass Wall Panels in the Kitchens

Glass wall panels divide into two kinds. They are the panels with the photographic image or ‘skinali’ and the panels painted in one tone, differently called ‘lacobel’. The particular case of using glass wall panels are glass aprons which are popular today for kitchens. The kitchen apron is the part of a wall over a working surface in the kitchen. Splashes of water, oil, soot appears on the apron during cooking, therefore it should not only look good, but also be functional and easy to wash. Glassna company is specialized on the production of glass panels. According to the Glassna…


White kitchen

White kitchen is always pure, fresh and bright. It is an ideal place for the culinary creator, and it doesn’t matter in what direction his preferences are. White color is suitable for classical, modern, or rural style. White color not only increases space visually, but also provides a lot of opportunities for arrangement of accents. For example, it is possible to use the bright textiles freely, unusual lamps, and a tree of saturated shades or a bright tile as a floor covering. It is difficult to be mistaken decorating a white interior in general. Practically everything looks good on its…


Tables for a small kitchen

Choosing the right furniture can not only be a practical solution, but in the end, your small space will be even more preferred destination, rather than, for example, the spacious living room.

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