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Pockets (PDA) on the fridge

Probably every housewife in the kitchen is a favorite place for small things is a refrigerator. It’s true, why such a useful space disappear when there’s so much you can put However, after some time, this space “cluttered” with all sorts of small, but very necessary things, such as, for example, tablets, pens, bread, cookies, etc. All of this is mixed together and transformed into a place where all full, but can not find anything. Not to mention the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing, to say the least attractive.


Nice little things for your kitchen

Cooking meal in your kitchen is not just a regular procedure but a creative process. Talking about me, this is why I tend to surround myself with different nice little things which help to create a proper atmosphere and turn some routine procedures into a captivating action. And of course, if you encounter a very specific problem during this process, the thing that you would really need is a highly specified gadget. First it may look weird or clumsy –but you will be surprised how much easier such thing will make your life. Here are some little things which I…


A Cozy kitchen

It seems to me that there is no woman in the world who had never dreamt to be the happy owner of the functional and cozy kitchen. In spite of the fact that modern kitchens are generally small and non-standard, it is always possible to approach to the question of interesting interior design thoroughly, and some time later you will be able to declare with confidence that you have the coziest kitchen.


The kitchen- before and after

This light kitchen looks quite effectively. Everything is harmonious and laconic in it. All necessary things are on the places. Design of white kitchen is classic, it is always stylish. You will tell: “it is white!” Certainly! And it is its advantage. White color amazingly contrasts with the steel gray. Is it easy soiled? Anything similar! Not more than usual kitchen surfaces if to look after them. Any pollution even is better visible on a white working surface and many owners consider it as advantage. At the first three photos you can see the kitchen before the alteration. Don’t be…


Keeping boards in the kitchen

Cutting boards can be found in any kitchen. This thing really is irreplaceable and very important, because the products have to be cut to almost every dish. You can store them in a locker or in a box, but there are options more interesting and more convenient and that the latter are discussed in this small collection.


The dining room in retro style

For design tablespoons presented characterization innovation. But with all this, he turned quite simple. Experiments with open space and natural light have been very successful.


Kitchen Design from Charmean Neithart

To create the design of this beautiful kitchen was used predominantly white. This is absolutely justified – the kitchen is small and the use of other, saturated colors overloaded to a small area. White kitchen – a classic, you can love or not to take, but he could not refuse. Clean and spacious – this is what gives the feeling of this kitchen. To kitchen space was reminiscent of the operating room, designer Charmean Neithart diluted cool white light turquoise ceiling and contrasting dark floor. In addition, the wall was adorned with a very bright mosaic. This added element of…

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