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Gorgeous glossy design ideas

Glossy kitchen – the real stars of modern interiors. Pastel or bright, but always stylish and trendy, they look like they work on them big-name designer. Here are some design ideas gloss kitchen. Distinctive features glossy kitchens – it metal parts finishing, high-tech elements and frequent use of the kitchen monoblock, which gives the interior a more urban view. If you do, however, want to soften the design glossy kitchen, dilute it with natural wood.


Beautiful kitchens combined with a spacious drawing room

A large and spacious kitchen combined with living-room, can accommodate in any for you corner. Here you can organize a small event, or to arrange with friends the day of preparation of pizza. It is very convenient, that in the kitchen there is a bar rack, which can put a fruit, or entertaining, or simply sit down to read a book. Itself kitchen decor with tiled which is similar to the brick-built, which creates a rustic interesting style of the kitchen.


The dining area is a great idea for your apartment

A place for a meal depends on many factors – the total area of ​​the house, the amount of free time in the household, even from the geographical location and cultural traditions. To save space, time and energy of a dining table is often located in an area close to the place of cooking.


Modern kitchen, but in a retro style

Kitchen Numerouno from the Italian brand Doimo Cucine combines retro design of the 60s and the most advanced materials. The designer of the project was a Romano Dzhiakomatstsi. The present system of kitchen furniture is available in a range of 32 colors in glossy or matte version. The modular design of the kitchen and a range of natural stone, steel, glass and quartz allow you to create stylish, unique compositions of your home and its needs.


White kitchen. Don’t be afraid of the color!

Don’t be afraid to use white color in your interior! The same applies to the kitchens too, which often lack light and space. White color will add some light and air to this part of your home. White color is obtained when all light is reflected by a surface. It means that it is the brightest and the lightest of the colors, which will visually enlarge your kitchen, making it more lighted and bright itself. This is why it is often chosen for small or insufficiently illuminated rooms, like ones facing to the north or shaded by near-standing trees. Of…


Super-compact and ergonomic kitchens

It seems designers have finally heard our prayers and started developing furniture not only for Middle Eastern sultans’ palaces, but also for us, mortals – sloggers, workers and even loafers, living in small flats with kitchens as large as six square meters. You won’t play football in here, and you still have to put pans and dishes somewhere. Small kitchens are the most common problem for multi-flat buildings in overpopulated districts of large cities. However, with some effort and creativity, a small kitchen may become a benefit in your friends’ and neighbors’ eyes, and you will never think of the…


Bright sunny kitchen

Yellow kitchen interior radiates sunshine, warmth and happiness. In this kitchen pleasantly greet the new day, to see off the outgoing and easy to gather with friends for a light lunch. When you create a design project in yellow kitchen experts recommend staying only one shade of yellow (as opposed to, for example, the design of bedrooms in the green, where several colors are welcome). This may be the color of mimosa as the top photo, rich shade of ocher, as the next photo, or acid with light green tint (top photo). In any case – yellow wall paint is…

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