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Kitchen interiors in the English style

Comfortable and cozy kitchen in the English style in your home will be the most desirable place. English-style design of the kitchen with natural materials – glass, wood, textile flax and cotton. The distinctive layout features English cuisine. In English cuisine are most commonly used separation zones. Common use of the island as a center of the kitchen is the main working area – sink, range hood, a cutting table, and hob.


Studio apartment on Pozniaki

OWNER Kseniya – an interpreter, editor, manager of cultural projects Metric area 34 sq.m Number of rooms 1 Floor 7 Ceiling height 2.7 m A single-room apartment on Hmyria street, which had belonged to Kseniya’s grandmother before, was rented out for several years. The dwelling needed capital repair when Kseniya decided to settle here three years ago. After finishing renovation the walls were lightened so that to widen the space visually. Part of the furniture fell from parents, the other part was made to order – the owners tried to use each centimeter functionally in conditions of a small metric…


A corner in the kitchen for morning breakfasts

What can be better than breakfast in the morning with someone you love? Or a still calm beginning of the day spent with a cup of coffee along with early sunlight and slight breeze? Not only coffee can take away all the hours left unslept but also the place where you will drink it. A calm corner in the kitchen -which can be organized even in the smallest one – will relax you, give you energy, and put you in the appropriate for your working day mood. Besides, such a place can become a perfect spot to collect the whole…


Modern kitchen interior prettiness

The design of this cute and cozy and rustic Tuscan cuisine is inspired by the traditions and motifs, despite the fact that the house is located in the south of Spain. For the hosts it has been important to have not just a comfortable place for cooking, but also the space where the whole family would be comfortable to spend time and socialize. It is noteworthy that there is a way out to the wonderful garden and large windows that give more comfort to this already very emotional space.


Restore order in the pantry!

Availability of storage in the apartment – just incredible luck! In it we keep harvesting the winter, seasonal clothing, sports equipment, tools and appliances. The main thing is not to hammer the pantry chaotic everyone. The organization of space in the closet in our hands! In the pantry shelves have to be – deep and roomy, and most importantly – reliable. They can be made of wood or metal profiles. You can put in a large pantry shelf instead of shelves. A place on the walls with rows of hooks on which to hang various things convenient and clothing.


Modern interiors are bright kitchens

Modern Designer Mal Corboy clearly has the talent to create dishes. He creates magnificent interiors, infusing into their space perfect balance of light and dark elements, warm and crisp texture, the elements of nature and ambient light.


New beautiful collection of dinnerware from Ikea

The new design collection of glassware IKEA not only has a beautiful design, but also can just wash in the dishwasher and used in any microwave. A beautiful collection of new dishes “Promenade” – a simple and deep plates, small bowls, which are decorated with various blue patterns, balloons and birds. The patterns on the dishes like the mosaic that forms a graphic pattern. The color combination is similar to an old Delft tiles, which will be appropriate for serving the holiday table. Author beautiful pattern designer Malin Okerblum says that if you look at the dishes from different angles,…

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