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Beautiful pillow cases Hand Made

These beautiful decorative pillow cases look simply amazing! Such originally pillows can brighten up your bed or sofa. These pillow cases are ideal as a bed for sleeping and for sitting room


The most unusual vase shell pistachios

You will need: – pistachios – a non-toxic glue – a deep plate or bowl as a mold. 1. The first thing you need to do – is to eat some pistachios and keep the shell from them. You will need around 100 shells to make a small vase, and 250 pieces for more vases. 2. It will not hurt to wash the shells, especially if they are covered with salt. 3. Mix the shells of pistachios with one or two tablespoons of glue, and when the whole mass begins to stick together, put it in a form in which…


New design ideas WORKPLACE

Individual work – is the performance of work at home, professional work, self-education, creativity, etc. This requires well-designed workplace, because of its organization depends on many things – attention, concentration and even inspiration master room.


The homemade laundry basket from the building grid

From the most simple grid and wooden circle can be a convenient and easy basket. The idea is particularly suitable for the garden, which is full of all building materials, and with baskets of laundry or other household needs.


Interior Creative Workshop

We cannot stop looking at the original rooms for needlework, which show the brightness and modernity. All the rooms in their bright and creative they want to create not just a thing, and masterpieces. It is in these rooms are a highly positive and creative people.


Beautiful wood tile from Ariana Italiana

Let’s take a closer look at the relatively new, but damn popular element in interior design – wood or tile Wood Look.  If you do not pay attention the convincing aesthetic accuracy of the cut hardwoods, in fact, these images represent to your attention the ceramic floor and wall tiles  Ceramica Ariana Italiana.  Many obvious benefits of such a simulation before the real wood associated with cleaning and maintenance of these surfaces, their environmental friendliness, and the ability to equip a warm floor. Also tile obviously stronger than wood, which is still illegal harvest of forest resources in developing countries. The…


Original solutions for storage of shoes from Ikea

Few people think about storing shoes in the house. More often than not buying cabinets for shoes become involved in last. At IKEA disagree and believe that contact with the shoes you need at less anxious than other things, so the designers of each year developing new and innovative solutions for storing shoes. Some of the ideas you can view these pictures.

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