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Funny pillow-burger

Looking for something fun to decorate your living space? Then turn your attention to this idea with a hamburger. These pillows will be a great addition to the living room or recreation room. Imagine the dialogue: Give me some salad and a slice tomato .. I have a little nap.


Gentle peach color in the interior

Peach color in the interior is very calming and allows you to relax. If the color is lighter, there is a feeling of safety and security. If the peach color is brighter that it causes a feeling of joy and celebration. Agree that the peach blossom special and positive moreover it will look perfectly in any interior. Many choosing colors stay on the warmer colors. It should be noted that recently the peach color became more popular, and has become widely used in the interior.  Very nice sofa soft peach color goes well with gray shades, like the image printed…


Summer is a reason to decorate the table with bright flowers

 We can help you with ideas for decorating the holiday table for a birthday or wedding. These fabulous ideas of how to decorate the table with bouquets and individual flowers. At the wedding it will be gorgeous bouquets, which can make experienced florists, a birthday – bright festive bouquets unusual vases. You can come up with something quite extraordinary, for example, be used instead of a vase – a bright rubber boot with a fun pattern, and it will look very organic. You can also make a vase of fruit – apples, pineapple, lime – the idea is also looking…


Children’s hut Hand Made

This original children’s tent with his hands is clearly having their liking. It can be used at home or at the cottage. Adults also will not give her to hide in the shade on a hot sunny day at the beach.


Stash the hands of improvised

We bring to your attention a new master-class on making fun boxes with texture zebra. Unusual for a needlework casket with his hands made from an old shoe box, which will be found in any home. It is possible to lay down their tools and materials for creative, you can think of other uses.


Hand Made Cork stand for pencils

Your office or home work involves frequent use of office supplies, such as pens and pencils? We’ll tell you how to make a stylish stand for pens and pencils. Materials and tools: Cork coasters hot – 6 pieces Glue The line Drill and drill bits


Retro hand-made lamp

This is a very simple master class on making handmade lamp for your kitchen, for winter gatherings and simple little joy in every day. It’s so simple, that in addition to the required materials from virtually nothing you do not need, though, good humor does not hurt at all! So, for making such a wonderful lamp handmade, we need a few dozen wooden multicolored beads, yarn, metal rings in two sizes, scissors and a paper clip.

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