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9 ideas for decorating the bedroom, in 10 different styles

There are those who customize their bedrooms by painting the walls in a cheerful and colorful way, those who prefer relaxed and warm tones and those who are dazzled by the latest fashion trends by choosing a luxury bed at Time4Sleep. The bedroom is the room of our house that probably best reflects the image and personality of those who live in and there are infinite variations to decorate it. We have therefore tried to reduce them to 9 major types, to give new inspiration for you in one of the selected styles. Which do you like more?


Collection of brightly glowing wallpaper

Mary and Catherine Yashchuk (Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk) – British designers studio MEYSTYLE, are the authors of a fundamentally new technology design wallpaper – LED Wallpaper (from the English. Lightning integrated with wallpaper – light integrated in the wallpaper). Designers presented their new collection of luminous wallpaper Nina at the London exhibition 100% Design, which, they said, was inspired by a manual technique of lace. In a lacy pattern of the wallpaper canvas integrated LEDs, the crystals Swarovski, gold plating. Glowing wallpaper is printed on non-woven and paper, attached to the walls of traditional.


Stickers with 3D effect

Now add the amount of the wall and visually enlarge the space of the room has become much easier. This is made possible by the creative 3d stickers that can instantly create the illusion of the presence of niches or recessed frame – showcases (shadow box) on the wall. Just close you can see that standing in a niche vases, sculptures and toys – just a flat picture, but overall they look quite realistic. One of the important benefits of these labels is that they are reusable, they can be removed and stick several times, thus leaving no residue.


The most unusual wine rack

It’s time for your magic bottle of wine. The Magic Lasso Wine Stand looks like a rope fluttering in the air. The rope holding the neck of the bottle holder makes the magic. Strong domestic support makes the thread is strong enough to keep your bottle of wine that’s all the magic revealed. Imagine how unusual such a unique stand will fit into your decor.


Home Theater in interior

In urban areas like small apartments accommodation is often the only possible one. However, use it with pleasure and holders spacious mansions. The disadvantage of this arrangement is the only home theater difficulty of creating high-quality soundproofing. Or the high cost of its device, as will insulate the room in which the viewing area is only part of the room.


Glass vases in the interior

Modern glass vases can be manufactured to the original technologies: multi-layer or mosaic glass, with the application of paints or glazes painted metal, with the use of various equipment and iridescence, with etching or matting. Especially popular today vases glass geometric shapes. In most cases, they are filled with a variety of entertaining things. This can be Smalt, colorful snail shells, sea shells, dried flower petals, and even glued moss balls.


Decafe – lamps and chandeliers made ​​from recycled coffee

  Decaf collection was created to give a second life to coffee grounds. Many of us start the day with coffee, and did not hesitate to throw in the trash that is left on Turk after cooking. Meanwhile, the coffee grounds are a great material for a small interior. Raul has proved it by inventing the multi-function lamp and a set of bowls. The lamp in the shape of a cup can be a desktop – for this it needs to be attached to a wooden stand, or can serve as a pendant light. Fragrant items carry a special warmth…

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